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So I've posted up the main subtool of Benjamin's sculpt. There are a few things for me to tackle right off the bat.

The torso is a little over 5M points in ZBrush. That's 20% of the overall model weight, which is not bad, but could still be better. I also need to separate the shoes as a separate mesh. They themselves need to be completely re-done. I wasn't happy with how lumpy it all felt. That said I have a few possible approaches to reworking the sculpt, but before that, let me go over the shopping list of what needs to be done overall:

  • Ditch Polypaint and textures—This sucks, but the main focus is on the sculpt, it won't be too hard to re-do the skin texturing afterwards, plus I need to have a "clean" base sculpt when the time comes to re-extract the clothing and accessories.
  • Separate shoes from body—As I mentioned earlier, it would be best to have the shoes as a separate subtool. They need better detail than what is currently there. There will be some back-and-forth between ZBrush and Maya to get the look just right, especially for the shoestrings and holes. Plus I'll want to create a special subtool for the shoelaces that will wrap around the shoe's mesh, but that will be later.
  • Fix anatomy—Nothing major, but I do want to soften some of the musculature, since he's to be more of a cartoonish character, and I need to adjust the hip positioning. I may want to re-do the nails a bit, but it's not a must-have.

Now to make this as successful as possible, the overall mesh weight needs to be trimmed down before the shoes are removed. Right now it's a dynamesh and that's going to be a bit tricky. For the uninformed, think of Dynamesh as working with wet sand. You can get a lot of nice detail with it, but you can't really adjust things in a uniform manner. That said, I have two options:

1. Decimation Master
Pro: Fast way to reduce overall poly count to the mesh
Con: Does not reflow topology and may lose some sculpture fidelity, will create jagged edges when separating the shoes that will have to get cleaned up in Maya afterwards.

2. Retopology Tool/Reproject
Pro: Retopology tool will allow me to fully control the edgeflow of the sculpture and make for an easy-to-rig low-res mesh and reproject textures. It will also allow me to make sure I can create a clean "break" from the shoes, and give me a new base mesh to recreate them.
Con: VERY time-consuming, and may not give me good reflow of shoe topology, meaning I may start those from scratch.

I am likely going to go with option #2. Yeah, it's going to be a huge time sink, but given that control of a mesh's edgeflow is going to be critical in extracting other meshes and rigging, the more work I can do upfront will make the rest of the process go more smoothly.

Here we go!


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